ADS 1.1 and VSMT on 64-bit hosts

I was having a few emails back-and-forth yesterday as someone was struggling with VSMT (now part of ADS as of version 1.1) installed on one 64-bit host, with Virtual Server 2005 R2 64-bit edition running on a seperate Windows Server 2003 x64 host.

A couple of learnings came to light - first, and one that I often forget when building demo environments is that it is necessary to install an admin-only install of Virtual Server on the ADS machine itself (assuming it is not the same machine as your Virtual Server host).

The second gotcha I didn't realise until seeing the small-print was that you cannot install/run ADS on a 64-bit host. The only two solutions open are to either install a 32-bit Windows Server 2003 EE for the ADS machine, or to run ADS in a Virtual Machine.

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  1. John,

    What is it with MS and 64 bit at the moment?



  2. Hi Adam – Curious comment that one you refer to – I was at those sessions at IT Forum and was manning the booth at the Virtual Server ask-the-experts for many hours and it was made very clear publicly (not that it was new news at the time) that the next version of Virtual Server (as yet un-named and I’ve seen called v."Next", Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1, Virtual Server 2005 "R3") is due to beta H106 and release H206 will only add support for Pacifica & VT technology. 64-bit support for guests will only be appearing in Windows Virtualisation in the Longhorn Server timeframe. Hmmm.



  3. Conny says:

    Hi Howard,

    Regarding VSMT and x64 support.

    I have also tried to install ads and vsmt  1.1 on Windows server 2003 x64 ent edition without success. Have you read "Applications Supporting Windows Server 2003 x64 EE" …… strange

    When I understood that I couldn’t install ADS on the x64 server I installed ads 1.1 and vsmt on a 32-bit windows server 2003 EE instead. I then installed the 64-bit ads agent on the x64 Virtual Server. But when I then tried to install vsmt tools on the x64 Virtual Server, I got an error message saying it wasn’t supported.

    So is it possible to use vsmt to migrate a machine to a Virtual Server 2005 R2 x64?

    P.S. Are you shure you have to install Virtual Server

  4. Unfortunately, VSMT is not supported on a 64-bit platform. You need to have both ADS on 32-bit and VSMT on a 32-bit Virtual Server. Once you have completed the migration via the "interim" server, you can move the VM’s across to a 64-bit VS Host without problem.

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