Monad Beta 3

So on my evening trawls through a ton of emails I get daily and RSS feeds (I still have a huge backlog after being away last week), this one has to be one worth bookmarking for further investigation. The Windows Monad beta 3 release went live on 10th Jan. Follow the download links below:



Comments (3)

  1. Robbie Coleman says:

    Sir John,

    I fell in love with MONAD back with the previous release, but unfortunately have since removed the Beta 2 of the framework in order to install the RTM of .NET 2.0.

    Because of this, it fails to uninstal the 1.0.60319 version (which is required in order to instal the MONAD Beta 3).

    Any tips would be grrrrrreatly appreciated.


    Robbie Coleman

  2. paul says:

    The only way I managed to get MONAD 2 off, was:

    1. Uninstall .NET 2.0 RTM
    2. Re-install .NET 2.0 beta
    3. Uninstall MONAD 2.
    4. Re-installed .NET 2.0 RTM
    5. Installed MONAD 3

    Or it might have been 5 and then 4. Not sure now, it was a long night!

  3. Jeremy Pack (HP) says:

    I personally had no problems uninstalling the beta I had to then install Beta 3. (I can’t say for sure that I had Beta 2 but I suspect I did.) So your experiences may not be typical

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