WSSRA Virtual Environments for Dev + Test Released

Just got back in the UK after being over in Seattle for 8 days for an internal Microsoft conference - not many blog posts last week as the Internet connection was a little flakey in the hotel. The jetlag is still in force - it's 2AM on Monday morning for me in the UK, but my body clock is still telling me it's 6PM on Sunday evening.

WSSRA-VE was released a few days ago for download. In summary, WSSRA Virtual Environments for Development and Test (WSSRA-VE) is an extension of the WSSRA Implementation Guides. It describes the architectural blueprint, planning considerations, deployment practices, and operational considerations to create and support virtualized instantiation of the Windows Server System Reference Architecture. It leverages the power of Virtual Server 2005 and automated deployment and configuration tools to minimize the physical infrastructure and logistical overhead necessary to deploy emulations of various data center services.

Like WSSRA itself, the WSSRA-VE is intended to aid users in their own effort to model their operational environment and condense it to a scale that can be representative of the infrastructure integration challenges facing developers and testers of distributed, message-based applications and IT services, and still be inexpensive and relatively economical to build and use throughout a large-scale IT organization.

Here's the download link

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  1. Kevin Remde says:

    Welcome home, John. It was good to see you in Seattle. Hopefully you’re enjoying some less-gloomy weather there, too.


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