Examine ISO images quickly

I got reminded of this utility just before Christmas - unfortunately for me, running Windows Server 2003 as my primary laptop operating system, it doesn't work :(, but if you are running XP, here is a quick and easy (but unsupported by Microsoft PSS) utility to be able to mount an ISO image as a drive and extract files as needed. Under Windows Server 2003, there are several alternate options open to you - one I particularly like is ISO Buster, although you have to extract the entire ISO to local disk. I've also just noticed that ISO Buster was updated to version 1.9 over the Christmas holidays, so I'll have to go take a look at whats changed now....

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  1. Rich says:

    Have you tried Virtual CloneDrive from Elaborate Bytes? It is available for free from http://www.elby.ch/fun/software/index.html

    It lets you create up to eight virtual CD/DVD drives for mounting ISO images.

    I’ve used it under Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, and find it very useful when working with ISO’s and VM’s.

  2. charles says:

    I used the utility you mentioned for XP on a W2K3 R2 box this weekend and it worked fine. There are other more elegant solutions, but this worked in a pinch.

  3. Vern says:

    Do you think it’s possible (likely) that Microsoft will ever natively support ISO images? Wouldn’t that be great?

    Also, another great tool is Daemon Tools. They just released a new version that works great!

    It’s free, too.

  4. Patrick M. Slattery says:

    ISOBuster can extract a single file at a time, there is no need to extract the whole ISO to disk. Just drag and drop the file(s) you want extracted. Works fine for me with v1.8

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