And Virtual Server 2005 R2 just became cheaper again….

The UK Press launch of Windows Server 2003 R2 was today in London - one little snippet (there's lots to say about it really - will add more tomorrow) is that bundled in with Windows Server 2003 R2 will be an option to purchase Virtual Server 2005 R2 Enterprise Edition for $99US - previously the cost was just reduced to $199 at IT Forum for Enterprise Edition and $99 for Standard Edition. More details to follow as I get them.

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  1. Beto Leal says:

    Hy John,

    Just came to let you know that your posts are so usefull and I usually come by.

    keep going man.



    Technet IT Pro Member – Brazil

  2. lee says:

    Can someone say – bye VMWare? Slowly but surely…

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