Winter Fun Pack 2005? – download links

So with Christmas now fast approaching - to be honest, it doesn't seem to so much as "fast approach" these days as accelerate at terminal velociy - advent calendars have been around for a few days with the kids looking forward to opening them first thing in the morning, I thought it was time over the weekend to put some festive screensavers and bits on some of the home computers. However, I was a little dismayed that this year, at least as far as I can find, there is no Microsoft Winter Fun Pack 2005, as there was in 2004.

However, all is not lost: Here's some links which may point you in the right direction for related downloads on

Windows XP Winter Fun Pack for Windows Movie Maker 2
Winter Fun Pack 2004 for Windows XP Installer
Digital Photography Winter Fun Pack 2003
Windows Media Player 9 Winter Fun Pack 2003 (Note: Not tried it under Windows Media Player 10)
Kris the holiday elf is one of the dancers available for Microsoft Plus! SuperPack (which I thought was called Plus! Digital Media Edition or DME?). Unfortunately, no "LE" trial version appears to be available.

If you find any more stuff on, please add a comment 🙂
Have fun!

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  1. BlakeHandler says:

    Yeah, you missed a few — so in the spirt of the Holidays I’ve posted them all here:!1pt1v0Q4vD8jSvNS4lqdAuug!604.entry

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