Mice have nine lives as well as cats.

OK, so this is a slight rant, but I'm a little (understatement) annoyed right now! Having just spent the best part of an hour preparing a blog post, all the way through I'd been using the keyboard. At the point everything was just right, I grabbed the mouse to hit the post button. Unfortunately, the particular mouse in question has two additional buttons on the left and right which (on the left side) is equivalent to clicking back on the browser by default. The particular website didn't support going forward again, so all the text I'd typed in was effectively lost. Tried searching temporary files with no avail - absolutely gone. Doh! I'm dead serious when I say the mouse was -->this<--close (closer actually) to going in the bin, especially as the control panel mouse icon wouldn't allow me to turn this functionality off. However, all was not lost - the Intellimouse software does provide this functionality. Bit like bolting the stable door after the horse has bolted, but at least it works for me. Back to the drawing board though....

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