Virtual Server 2005 R2 Price Reduction Announcement

As just announced by Bob Muglia at the keynote for IT Forum 2005, the cost of Virtual Server 2005 R2 has been significantly reduced. The Standard edition now will retail at $99 US estimated, and the Enterprise edition will now retail at $199 US, estimated. The driver for this is to represent Microsoft's commitment to making server virtualisation more accessible to customers at the lowest price point.

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  1. Robert Aitchison says:

    This is great news, I’ve been saying for a while that the change from SP1 to R2 really shafted the poor souls who bought Virtual Server 2005 gold but weren’t able to afford a volume licensing agreement (or more likely, were unable to convince management of the benefits of a VLA). This price reduction all but nullifies that issue.

  2. Asher says:

    This is practicly giving it away for free…..

    kill VMWare ?

  3. Philipp Kohn says:

    Thanks John… you don’t know what your Blog is worth 😉

    Good that I’m reading your Blog every day…

    Today I was at a TechNet Event on the German Campus and on MSFT Guy had a few questions about VS2005.

    He asked what MSFT announced @ the IT-Forum in Barcelona and who much VS’05 will cost….

    I was the only one who was informed and won a VS’05 Standard …..:-)

    Yeah…. I like TechNet Events and you Blog.

    Keep at it!

  4. Thanks Philipp – I’m going to have to ask now, who was the Technet presenter? Drop me a mail through the contact option above…



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