Media Center (Centre) – new downloads available

Just noticed that TweakMCE 2.0 is now available for download. My main Media Centre machine was playing up (OK, fair cop, I'd been playing with it, installing Beta software left right and centre) to the extent that I was forced to rebuild it last weekend. However, it's now far from perfect (in fact, I'd probably say worse than before). Wife not happy - it's the machine she uses every day. Hmmmm. On a brighter note though, I did put a recent build of Windows Vista on a partition on it - was the first time I'd actually had a machine which did run in Aero Glass. Unfortunately I couldn't get the AverMedia TV card working for Media Centre, but if you haven't seen what they're doing with MCE in Windows Vista yet with Beta 2, it looks very nice. More on that when it's fully open to the public.

Anyway, back to TweakMCE. I think I need work on fixing the fresh install of XP MCE before I start installing tweaking software. However the first version had some great utilities in it. In the meantime, maybe it would be more appropriate for me to take a look at version 3 of the Diagnostics Kit for Media Centre - also recently put on the web.

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