Oracle User Group Conference

OK. Strange title maybe, but have just arrived home and am back online after spending a couple of days on-site at the Microsoft booth at the UK OUG (Oracle User Group) conference in Birmingham. Apart from doing some quick demonstrations of Windows Vista Beta 2 (Build 5231), talking about Windows Server System and Virtualisation to loads of people, handing out several hundred "Willy Wonka"-style chocolate bars (you could win a Creative Zen player if you had a winning ticket), blagging teddy bears and other nik-naks from other exhibitors stands in exchange for chocolate ;), there was one question I must have been asked a hundred times or more. "Why are you here?" Well, the answer is simple - yes, Oracle does run on Windows. Very well, actually!

BTW - most wanted give-away was an Oracle fleece (even though the Tom-Tom navigator and the little petrol motorcycle were really cool and would have been great toys) - the fleeces were just really nice. Unfortunately, they'd run out, but I did get an Oracle polo shirt. Now shall I wear it into the MS campus tomorrow....?

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