Securely Publishing Exchange 2003 using ISA Server 2004 – "Zero to Hero"

Thanks for everyone who attended todays security event in London. I hope you got a lot out of the demonstration I ran through today, plus of course the other sessions. It was certainly the scariest and possibly "riskiest" session I've ever considered - taking on 90 mins+ of unrehursed demo could have gone very very wrong, but fortunately it all worked out perfectly. I totally underestimated the time it would take - if you had the patience, I could have gone on another hour and more besides, so sorry about that! At least no-one was snoring at the end 🙂

Anyway, several people asked me for the slide deck (albeit very short and sweet), so here it is (it won't be going on the event site for download). Not the best deck in the world (sorry), but considering half of it was written during the train journey this morning having been awake since just after 3AM (Steve originally said no slides, just real live uncut stuff, but I had to bottle out of that one especially considering the subject material), I hope it helps.


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