Non-standard Naming conventions – is your name too short?

Naming Conventions. Now there's an interesting topic - it crops up all the time in IT: Server Names, Site Names; Group Policies etc. Where am I headed - no, not into an in depth discussion of best practices in this area, but to add a new one to for the the list of non-standard naming conventions.

There are plenty of crazy websites out there if you look. However, I had to laugh when my wife just shouted at me from downstairs (I'm working from home, you see) that her name was non-standard. Uh? A certain website she was trying to enter her details on would not accept her name - I've heard of missing phone, email or bits of address, but never a site not allowing you to enter your real name.

You see, according to this website, your first name must be at least four characters long. Since when this was a requirement, I don't know. So apologies to everyone by the name of Jo, Su, Joy, Tom, Si etc., you now have non-standard names. I'm OK though apparently. I'm glad my parents called me John rather than Jonathan. The latter, shortened to Jon (which I frequently get called in emails) is non-standard. Anyway, I didn't want to sign up for a newsletter on the latest and greatest gadgets, creams and potions in beauty therapy..... Good job too!

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  1. Глеб says:

    Я практически никогда не сомневался в Вашем интеллектуальном уровне, но поймите, не все такие как Вы. 🙂

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