Self Managing Dynamic Systems update

Following my last post, here's a few links on which provide more information.

A brief on virtualisation is here, and a whitepaper on virtualisation can be found here.

But wait... just found more. This is the official press release. There's a few interesting remarks in there (apart from the Q&A about the release itself obviously).

  • First, the list of vendors who have licensed the VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) file format. Gilles Vollant software is in there - famous for it's WinImage software I was invited to test a little while back.
  • Secondly is the remark by Peter Morowski, VP of software in Dells enterprise systems group. This was relevant as I can announce as track owner for Core Infrastructure at IT Forum this year in Barcelona, that Dell will be presenting a session focusing around this type of technology. More on this to follow shortly, as we are finalising the content as I type.
  • Thirdly, that XenSource are mentioned to have either licensed the VHD file format or are building solutions that integrate with Virtual Server 2005 R2 (it doesn't state which, but you can bet I'll be doing some investigating). Interesting, but I'll say no more.


Comments (2)

  1. Peter Hornby says:

    Thanks for this John – very interesting. Do you know whether the more relaxed licensing rules require that the virtualization technology used be Virtual Server 2005? Would it be legal, under the new rules, to host your four instances of R2 Enterprise Edition in a VMWare environment?

  2. Hi Peter. Yes, these licensing rules also apply under VMWare as I understand it. Cheers, John.

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