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Thought you'd like this one if you live in the UK at least. Check out this page on, where there is a huge pricing discount for TechNet Plus subscriptions. If you purchase TechNet Plus directly through that site (ie not through a partner) from now until the end of the year, there is close to a 50% reduction in costs. This means, for example, a years TechNet Plus Single User subscription comes in something like £270. If it wasn't for the fact I work at Microsoft, I'd consider buying this myself, and I'm honestly not just saying that because I work at Microsoft. I'm not, and never will be, a salesman, just a techie :-). With the full evaluation software included in the subscription, including beta's of the Windows Vista client and server operating systems and servers, it really seems to me to be excellent value for evaluation and testing.

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  1. paul says:

    I follwed the link John, and it said a discount of 30% and gave me a price of £375!

  2. Paul – Apologies for that – it appears the website is showing incorrect info. I’ve passed the message back and it’s being actively looked into. Note that this is trial pricing only, I believe until the end of the year.



  3. Greg Lambert says:

    Have you heard any more about this?

    Id like a subscription and although 30% off is still good, id prefer 50!

  4. Greg

    Just tried this – came out at £315 including VAT (ie just under £270 without VAT). Follow the path through from At the bottom of the page under global headlines, follow that link. Top right under select country, choose UK. This gets you to the ordering page with promo code tprc50. If you follow through with Technet Plus Single User DVD, it gets there in the end!

    Hope that helps



  5. Greg Lambert says:

    Thanks a lot, much appreciated

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