64-bit Rocks!

...for a few days anyway. I went out and bought an AMD 3400 64 bit machine yesterday for my son who started Uni a few weeks ago. It's a pretty basic machine, but I chose it for its expansion capability in the hope that with a few minor upgrades, it will last the full three years of study and well into Windows Vista. It came with 1GB Ram, a 200GB HDD (IDE though), 4 SATA ports free, DVD Burner, and with the PCI-X graphics slot available (but currently using on-board graphics which are reasonable enough). I added a Hauppauge TV card (Model 1046) to allow Media Center to be installed (unfortunately 64-bit MCE isn't available until Vista) to get rid of his TV/DVD in his room, and it works a treat (apart from the fact that I've yet to find a way of re-mapping the Hauppauge remote supplied with the wintv-pvr-150 to be re-mapped to Media Center functions). So... if anyone knows of such a utility please let me know - afterall, what's a blog for otherwise!

While it's mine (at least until Saturday), tonights job is to try out how Windows Server 2003 x64 plus Virtual Server 2005 R2 64-bit cope on this using a spare disk I've got lying around. After that, I'm back to 32-bit land for a while....


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  1. Pablodiablo says:

    Absolutely. 64-bit does rock. 128-bit is the next step and will be the future of PC’s. With room for more than there are atoms in space, rest assured we’ll be heading into a new world of technology and thinking!

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