Silently Removing XP Games

I'm often sent questions by email about how to do x, how to do y, what does z do etc. This one was a common issue, so I felt it was worth sharing. During their installation, a particular company had included the standard XP games (minesweeper, solitaire and so on). It was a relatively small company - around 200 client machines, some laptop, some desktop. They simply wanted to remove them silently.

There are several methods which vary in completeness, such as considering a group policy software restriction policy to stop those games from running, but I particularly liked the solution here as the script also uses WMI to kill the game should it be running before performing an unattended installation. You can of course add to this script in many ways, or consider including it a group policy logon script (as you can't guarantee that the machines will be connected to the network if you were to use the tool such Hyena.)

Comments (1)

  1. Rob Durkin says:

    Thanks for the link! Maybe someone will find that bit of code useful, as it took me a while to figure it out, not being a programmer and also being new to WMI scripting.

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