ADS 1.1 + VSMT Followup

As I blogged at the end of last week, Automated Deployment Services, or ADS Version 1.1 was recently released. I spent a couple of hours upgrading my demonstration VSMT environment to see what was what. I can, as Dugie also confirmed, confirm that a migration of an NT4 Server worked flawlessly, also using the latest build of Virtual Server 2005 R2. I did like the way that I could now use Windows Server 2003 SP1 media to build the repository when installing ADS, and there's also an option, if you have it, to use Windows PE. I'll have to investigate that step a bit further....

I'm currently planning the free TechNet evening event at the Microsoft office in Reading on 13th October, "Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 and Virtual PC 2004 - Live and uncut!". You can register for that event here, where you'll also have a chance to ask me any of those awkward questions about Virtualisation in person, including where Microsoft is heading on its roadmap. I look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. benhadad says:

    I have noticed a slow down during the deploy_VM part. I started a mirgration of a 70g partition, and it was going to take 4 days on a 2.4 ghz machine with 7k SATA harddrive (mirror) the processor ran only at 50%.

    SO I moved this to a dual 3.6ghz Xeon server with 4GB Ram and 320U SCSI drives, and the thing is still slow – 3days to do it. I have set the network cards correctly (at 100mbits) and still super slow. It took 24hrs to do a 10gig partition.

    I am running server 2003 ent without service pack 1. and ADS 1.1 with VSMT. The server is a HP ML350 with 2 1000GBit Nics. The machine is running a 641 raid card with OS drives 0+1 (15k) and the data drives Raid 5 300gb(10k).

    This machine shouldn’t have problem, but it does.

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