Virtual Server and MSDN

Not quite as applicable for IT Pro's, but I know many of you do have an MSDN subscription as well as a TechNet subscription. I can't remember exactly when, but Virtual Server used to be included in MSDN through the subscription download for a limited time only, and I think it was around March this year that the download was pulled. The good news is that it's back, and this time in the box.

Shipment will start this december, and to find out which version you'll get, here's the info:

MSVS2005 Standard is in MSDN Enterprise and Universal Subscriptions for dev, test and demo use rights.
MSVS2005 Standard will be included in MSDN Premium Subscriptions for all editions of Visual Studio 2005 Team System (VSTS)
MSVS2005 Enterprise will be included with Visual Studio Team Suite and Visual Studio Team Suite with MSDN Premium Subscription.

My understanding is that this time, it isn't a limited time download - it should be there for the foreseeable future.

As for TechNet.... I'll have a chase up on that, but I've also just realised that my own subscription has run out. Time to renew it....

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