Free Technet Magazine Subscription

…but only if you’re US based. I know I get readers from all over the world, and know many of you are US based. I’m hoping to follow up with the powers that be to see if we can get some free subscriptions also in the UK too! The Technet Magazine, Microsofts magazine for IT Pro’s is going to be beginning a regular publishing schedule from this autumn. If you’re also a talented budding author, please also let me know – they’re looking for authors covering all subjects including Exchange, Office, Active Directory, IIS, Security,….. and so on.

Also, don’t forget the Industry Insiders blog. If you haven’t seen it, here’s your chance to be able to demonstrate your ability in solving real-world problems publicly and on If you would like to make a contribution, drop me an email for further details.

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  1. Steve Corke says:

    UK based subscriptions would be cool, it seems like the US get’s all the good stuff 😉