Vista Beta 1 Internet Explorer 7 problems with some sites

This is fairly well publicised if you look around the Internet, but not in a single place that I could find. Hence, more for my own reference once I blow this beta build away, I'll want to get back to where I am. Certain sites don't recognise IE7 in the User Agent detection coding, and you may need to apply a few changes to make it work. Take a look at for some scripts to change IE7 to switch between IE6 and IE7 mode, and to see what your browser is exposing. Also, have a look at the IE teams great blog for more information about this topic.

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Last week, I blogged that I was having to write my posts in FireFox as IE7 broke the toolbar and it looks…

  2. Jose Francisco says:

    The Microsoft chat client, the one used in Windows XP Expert Zone chats, TechNet Chats and MSDN Chats, don’t recognize IE 7.

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