MOM SP1 is available for download

So hot off the heals of getting MOM 2005 installed with SQL 2004 SP4 , I find out that SP1 for MOM is now available. Now they tell me... quoting from the SP1 homepage (link at bottom) "Broader OS and database support, including <snip> and SQL 2000 SP4, <snip>". Not that I'm complaining that I've got to upgrade again, but I wish I had of known earlier.... However, reading this quote carefully, it isn't clear whether it's referring to MOM itself running on an SP4 back end database, or a management pack which supports SQL 2000 SP4. Not being a database person (or especially a MOM person), I don't know for sure, but if you do know, please can you enlighten me!!! 

From the release blurb I've seen (haven't installed it yet), SP1 includes security fixes, addes new operating system and database platform support, and broadens the support for localisation. It also includes a new feature called "License Usage Alerting" which simplifies adhering to license compliance. This new feature allows you to receive alerts when product usage exceeds a configured threshold of Operations Management Licenses. When you install the service pack, you tell it how many OMLs you are licensed for and the MOM server checks the number of managed systems against the entered number of licenses on a periodic basis.

Here's the download link. It's currently available for download in English, French, German and Japanese.

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  1. danielvs says:

    Howdy John, The MOM SP1 fixes the bug of installing MOM 2005 database on a SQL 2000 SP4 database. There was an issue with MOM 2005 not being able to see that SQL 2000 SP4 was newer as SP3 and therefore canceling the installation. In my post there’s a link to a fellow MOM addict with a detailed description of all the fixes en issues solved with MOM 2005 SP1. He also posted a thread to the MOM newsgroup as he had an issue installing MOM 2005 SP1. It seems to be that MOM 2005 SP1 needs the latest Windows Installer version that ships with Windows Server 2003 SP1. There is also a seperate download for the correct Windows Installer version.

    I hope this helps! Cheers, Daniel

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