Data Protection Manager usage at Microsoft

More interesting stuff I just came across - a case study which details how Data Protection Manager has been deployed internally at Microsoft to perform backups for over 130 remote sites or "Branch Offices". I just love that term being applied to the UK campus here - with some 2000 people and four buildings, we're still just a "Branch Office"! I suppose compared to the size of the Seattle campus, that's probably true though.

One particular statistic which grabbed me was that in the US, there are 73 remote sites, where as in Europe, there are only 35, but there are only slightly fewer servers in Europe to be backed up. However, here's where we find Europeans to be more verbose than our US counterparts - with a quick calculation, you can (albeit I'm not taking into account the number of users) determine that there is 43.6% more data being backed up from the Europeans than the Americans. Another useless statistic. Time for me to shut up before that figure reaches 43.7% 🙂

Here's the download link to "Improving Backup Service at Microsoft using Data Protection Manager"

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