Malicious Software Removal Tool

As much as a bookmark blog as anything else so I know where to find it. You may have seen the malicious software removal tool come down through WindowsUpdate/MicrosoftUpdate. What I didn't know was that a version with the latest updates is released on the second tuesday of every month, and can be run from a web-page here or downloaded and run more often.

The tool works for XP, 2000 and 2003. The KB describing the tool is 890830, also updated monthly, and if you are considering deploying the tool within your environment, you should read another KB article, 891716. This KB describes the mechanisms for deploying through WSUS, SMS and Group Policy. However, remember that this tool should be considered supplementary to another solution such as anti-virus. Lots of layers help though.

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  1. Robert Aitchison says:

    I think Microsoft offering the MSRT is undoubtedly a good thing but I can’t disagree strongly enough with it being a critical update that gets pushed down with automatic updates.

    It doesn’t fix any flaw or bug in Windows, it’s just a utility that cleans up bad prorgams. I’ve actually turned off automatic updates on my personal PCs bnecause I don’t want this utility (that I don’t need) downloaded each and every month.

    Of course this has increased the effort involved in keeping my PCs up to date with legitimate patches and updates. I’m actually considering deploying a WSUS server on my home network just so I can decline the MSRT and still automatically get the real critical updates.

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