MBSA 2.0 (Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser) Released

After blogging about the beta of MBSA v2.0 a couple of months ago, I have to thank Steve for giving me the heads up on this as the official release notification must have slipped me by. My excuse is that I’ve been more than a little busy at TechEd last week, and still wading through a couple of thousand emails.

MBSA 2.0 is a huge improvement on MBSA 1.2.1 and a great way to ensure you have a consistent baseline of security across your infrastructure. If you’re also using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) as I am, you’ll be pleased to know that the two play nicely together. I downloaded v2 a little earlier this afternoon, and now have it running perfectly without any problem.

For more information and the download link, here’s the home page of MBSA on microsoft.com.



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