Generic scripted weekly backup solution – your feedback results

Following last weeks post regarding the script I used to back up my home Exchange 2003 SP1 Server running under Virtual Server 2005 on a weekly full backup with daily differential backup, I've received upwards of 30 emails, all positive, thankfully!!! I'm overwhelmed, so a big thanks to everyone who responded and I'm glad you found the script useful. The good news is that other people have discovered (as I already had) that it is not just useful for backing up Exchange, but for just about any generic backup including data folders or even system state. That only requires a change to the backup selection file. With only a few lines change in the code, I've also had people say they are using it for a monthly schedule - if you're interested in seeing these modifications, let me know and I'll post them up - it's trivial, trust me! 

Most interestingly for me, most people's comments were along the lines of asking why this sort of functionality isn't directly in ntbackup. Well, you'll find it in commercial backup solutions for sure, but they cost money which was absolutely against my requirements when there's perfectly good free software out of the box. My response has to be to use If there's enough demand and justifcation, the Longhorn Server team will recognise it and maybe it'll be there in 2007....

The one thing I will urge you to do, though, is remember to burn the backup files to DVD/CD/Tape and store them remotely. I use a combination of garage and a friends house just in case, but for an industrial strength solution, use appropriate storage facilities with firesafe and secured access etc.

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