Teched Europe 2005 Pre-Conference Day

So I'm over in Amsterdam right now on the Teched Europe 2005 pre-conference day. As much as I'd want to listen to some of the great full-day sessions today, including John Craddock talking about Active Directory Internals, Mark Russinovich talking about Advanced Windows Troubleshooting or a day in the company of Steve and Jesper talking security (my brain might fry before that one was over) to name but three, I've unfortunately got internal meetings over here most of the day. What's more unfortunate is that the pre-conference days aren't recorded.

Between you and me, I'll have to sneak out of the internal meetings, but please don't tell my boss ;-!!! I'm not speaking until Thursday and Friday, so I should get a chance tomorrow to listen in to the keynote and some of the other sessions. Just got to choose which ones now. I'll post up anything blog-worthy (which there's bound to be loads of).

BTW - my remote webmail and VPN connectivity back to home is working a treat from here - that is really cool. The VPN back to Microsoft CorpNet also works, but that isn't quite so cool as a) it means I can do some work and b) I didn't set it up

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    This has always baffled me and I’ve only just found out the answer to this issue.  I run 2 laptops,…

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