Branch Office Infrastructure Solution – lots of new information now available

The Branch Office Infrastructure Solution, or BOIS (which is far too easy to mis-type if you've worked in computing for a lot of years - think about it) has been released. The BOIS guidance and tools are designed and structured to address the needs of large organisations and enterprises in designing and deploying appropriate solutions for branch office infrastructures. It includes guidance on planning, design and deployment for a core set of MS technologies working together to provide a complete and integrated branch office infrastructure solution.

Streamlining a branch office infrastructure is basically a matter of consolidating services and applications, both by centralising them (if possible) and physically co-locating them (if centralisation is not possible).  A branch office project using this approach can result in substantial benefits for companies of all sizes, especially large organizations and enterprises. The guidance focuses on reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), through:

- Better utilisation of server capacity.
- More efficient systems administration and management.
- Faster and more complete recovery of data in the event of a disaster.
- Higher degree of standardisation and automation.

Click here to download and view or Click here for more information about solutions for Branch Offices.

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