Don’t be flamed – use the Image Resizer Powertoy

Continuing the theme of digital imagery and photography, I happened to notice an email go through on an internal discussion group today which had something like 4MB of attachments in the form of photos. As you can probably imaging, the sender was somewhat flamed and pointed to the Image Resizer tool, a PowerToy for Windows XP. Yes, before you ask, I have managed to get it installed and working quite happily under Windows Server 2003 with a tweak to the LaunchCondition value update to VersionNT >=501 using Orca. Purely coincientally, there's also a paper by Marc Saltzman published yesterday about how to use the powertoy which you can view here. It managed to get a 1.2MB image down to well around 80K for me and is very simple to use (right-click, resize)

Download the Image Resizer powertoy directly or find out more on the home page for the XP Powertoys.

Comments (3)

  1. Paul Loonen says:

    Which makes me wonder why this type of functionality isn’t included in Outlook itself? (like automatic zipping of attachments, which should also be included)

  2. BlakeHandler says:

    Is there anyway to automatically deploy this to all our workstations via a script???? Pah-lease say yes! (^_^)

  3. I can’t think of any reason you can’t use Group Policy or SMS to deploy it – it’s just another application at the end of the day and GP/SMS can both deploy applications. There is a silent mode to the exe for installation through /S /v/qn. You can also get the MSI by running the downloaded exe on an already installed box – it puts it in windowsdownloaded program files.



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