Deleting Web Listeners from ISA 2004 SP1

Enhancing the configuration of my ISA server at 3AM this morning (couldn't sleep), I was trying to resolve an issue that's been nagging me for days now. I wanted to delete a couple of old network Web Listeners I had previously created for testing some publishing rules. I was beginning to think that this just wasn't possible as I'd been looking around on and off for a couple of weeks now. If it's in the documentation, I couldn't find it. I'm sure if I have the problem, so must someone else. It wasn't under the main network configuration or system policy where I might have expected it to be. It's hidden away under the Toolbox under Network Objects and then Web Listeners down the bottom. Simply right-click on the listener to be deleted and click delete.

I think the reason it's hard to find is that first, I frequently hide the right hand pane of the ISA configuration screen to maximise the amount of space in the middle (for example, when doing real-time monitoring, you need as much real-estate available as possible). Even when I do have the right-hand pane open, it is permanently on "Tasks" rather than "Help" or "Toolbox". IMHO - this should be an option on the GUI under the main network section. I'll have to change my habits in the console in the future.


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  1. Jonas says:

    3 years old but it still helped me alot 😉 I would have found it myself…so thx 🙂

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