Better day at the office – disk problems solved

After my bad monday a few weeks ago with a corrupt hard disk, the good news is that I picked up my new laptop disk (finally!) yesterday and am for once having a reasonably good Friday. It's been a generally quiet day having been offline for most of it during the rebuild. Fortunately, the old disk stayed going to the bitter end of when I needed it to last, and somehow didn't cause me grief during the roadshows which ended this week in London.

I spent a while this morning attempting to directly image the partition from old to new drives, but was getting lots of read errors. Hence, the slow way was to re-install Windows Server 2003 on the new disk, get everything back installed again, and copy the data from the old disk.

With a couple of problems causing the loss of mostly trivial files (excepting a VHD with my R2 build which was really annoying), I just managed to get all the old data off before it went crunch, whirr, splutter, splutter, phut. That's it. A couple of hours flat out copying off all that data caused the heads to point their metallic toes to the great disk-god in the sky. At least I have an old chair around which could do with something around 9.5mm high to stop it wobbling. Seems a shame to bin it.

At least I should be set for TechEd Europe now. Just need to finalise the decks and think a bit more about the demos. More to follow over the next week.....

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