Turn Off Low Disk Space Notification

Next part of a series of blogs about changes to my home network, but equally as valuable to anyone who runs Virtual Machines in the sort of way I'm going to explain. For performance and due to lack of physical memory on my Virtual Server host, I've seperated out the swap file for a few virtual machines here into a seperate fixed size 500MB volume mounted on drive S. Physically, this VHD is placed on a different spindle on the host to the data and system VHDs for the VM. Once you fill up a volume with the swap file, the default behaviour of XP and 2003 is to have the pop-up on the task bar telling you that you're running low of space and repeatedly asks you if you would like to run the disk cleanup wizard. NO I WOULDN'T!!!!

This can be stopped through a change to the registry, but only on a per-user basis. This link explains how to do it for XP, but I can confirm it also works for Windows Server 2003.

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