ISA Server cannot load the property page 0xc0040357 on export or backup

How to fix the following error on ISA 2004 backup or export:

ISA Server cannot load the property page.
Error: 0xc00403557
The Server referenced by Array [ArrayName] does not exist

A bit off topic for my usual blogging activities, but I had to share the resolution to this problem with you. I've had a busy time over the past few months changing things around on my home network and adding to it big-time. I've probably got enough infrasture now to support a medium size enterprise and an electricity bill to match, but it's also good way of learning by example and that's my excuse! While soaking up the lovely hot bank holiday weekend in the UK satisfied at finally resolving this issue with ISA combined with an hour or two lounging outside wirelessly working on more tweaks to the home network with a cold beer gave me the incentive to write this.

One of the first things I did in the re-org was to move my ISA server from one machine to another and build a new domain. My old ISA server was built on the RTM ISA 2004, and once working as I wanted, I exported the configuration to a safe backup location. As time moved on, I had upgraded that old machine to ISA 2004 SP1, but not altered anything significantly within the configuration. Once I was ready to bring the new server on-line, I figured it should be just a simple export from old and import to new. I failed, but wasn't that bothered as I had a relatively up to date configuration file, so used that and tweaked what needed changing to make the servers match. Whatever the error was then, I can't remember, but I strongly suspect it was the same error as above.

Remember also that the new server was also on a new domain, so I had to do further minor tweaking to resolve a few other issues. All sorted, or so I thought.

Recently, I've extensively changed my new ISA Servers configuration to support a stack of new functionality I need to expose on the Internet.  There's many a weeks worth of blog entries in what I've been up to.... However, to be safe, I wanted to make a backup of the latest configuration. However, I hit that error again 0xc00403557. No amount of MSN Searching, Googling, the Microsoft knowledgebase, searching sites such as or even the documentation (yes I did resort to that too) came up with a definitive answer. A few clues were alluded to, but nothing definite.

There were a couple of things I did spot "odd" in the configuration which I thought may have been causing the problem. Firstly, I have VPN access into my home network. Under the Virtual Private Networks configuration, on the VPN Clients Tab, Step 2 of the ISA configuration allows you to specify windows users (or select a RADIUS server). I have my network configured to work with AD, and saw a GUID rather than a specific windows group in here. This is probably because I'd moved the configuration file to another domain and (in my mind) seemed to tied up with a server referenced by the array not existing. I could have sworn I had previously fixed that, but I guess I must have missed it afterall. Oddly though, the VPN restricted configuration was working as expected. Bizarre, but I'll worry about that another day. Solving the GUID issue was easy to correct (simple remove old group, add new group).

However, still the export wouldn't complete giving the same error. Much head scratching and examining every option and dialog I could find in the ISA Server twenty times over finally came up with the actual cause, but certainly not from where I was expecting. I had an old report job defined in the configuration which was imported, probably originally created under ISA 2004 RTM. Simply deleting that fixed the problem. Section two of this readme.htm file here alludes to this.

So, if anyone from the ISA product group is reading this - please can we have a better error message here when you're working on SP2 [;)]  Thanks!!

Hope this saves someone hours of digging around otherwise.

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  1. OJ says:

    Fantastic article – got me out of a hole with the exact same error and resolution. Thank you very much indeed.

    This should be in TechNet.

    well done and keep it up!!!


  2. Fabrice says:

    What do you mean for "report job" ?

    Where is it configured ?

  3. "Report Job" as in – open ISA Management Console, expand tree in left pane down to "Monitoring" and select it. On list of tabs at top of main frame, select "Reports" where you can create or configure your report jobs.

    Hope that helps.


  4. Aketaton says:

    Great article

    Another Report job blocking a backup. Removed the Report Job: now it backs up correctly.

    Thank you very much!

  5. Steve Lagana says:

    This is a fantastic article. Lucky for me I only wasted about 15 minutes on the issue before searching the web and stumbling upon this.

    I found it to be the Schedule and Notification property pages that it couldn’t load as they were referring to my original server and credentials. Another drop-down selection box appeared offering me the name of my current ISA server. I selected it then changed the credentials for the report and the backup was successful next time I ran it.

  6. sachin says:

    I am still having the same issue. Need urgent assistance

  7. Emily says:

    It really works !  Thanks a lot !!!

  8. Dariusz Jankowski says:

    Thanks. It helps.

    But the proper path to delete report job is:

    open ISA Management Console, expand tree in left pane down to "Monitoring" and select it. On list of tabs at top of main frame, select "Reports" where you can create or configure your report jobs. On the right tab select Tasks and click on "Create and configure Report Jobs" – next delete jobs.

  9. darrell says:

    Thank you John for the advice.  

    – Dariusz – Thank you for specifically noting where to delete the job.  That saved me some time too.

  10. William says:

    It´s really works!! Thanks a lot!!! (from brazilian guy)

  11. Roman says:

    Thanks Jonh! It was extremly helpful for me.

  12. Donald says:

    Add me to the list – worked a treat.


  13. Keith says:

    Thanks for the tips, It saved me having to pull my hair out

  14. Roy Bockelkamp says:

    Your suffering saved me a great deal of aggravation.

    Appreciate it!

  15. Mario says:

    Excellent, much very good. Thank you!

  16. You saved my ass. Now I don’t have to use my fingers to manual copy the configration 🙂 THX a lot.

  17. Chris says:

    thanks guys…saved my life…

  18. PauL ZiberT says:

    Thanks Howard, it really works!!!

  19. ebsbk says:

    I exported all settings from old ISA 2004.

    Installed ISA on new machine.

    Modifyed xml file with settings by replacing old machine name with new machine name.

    Imported old ISA settings on new machine.

    Tryed to export ISA settings from new machine and got this 0xc00403557 ERROR.

    Delliting report jobs solved problem. Thanks alot.

  20. andre cloete says:

    great stuff. you are the man. moved from 2000 ISA to ISA 2004 and had same issue. thanks, now on to the following issue…..getting the thing to work correctly as gateway.

  21. Mitch says:

    Thanks… I know this is old, but it still solved my problem. Old physical ISA 2004 server died and I recreated everything in my VM system and got this error when trying to export my new server data.

    Thanks for sharing.

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