Smartphone is smarter than I gave it credit for

Bit of a Friday blog this, but this may be something you didn't know or maybe I just should have read the manual :-).

I've been using an SPV C500 Smartphone since joining Microsoft last September. It's a great phone, but I've had one small annoyance. As it turns out, it was just user error compounded by a wobbly button. One of the best things for me about the smartphone is the email client capabilities which I use extensively.

When you go into the messaging menu, you get confronted by 4 choices: Media Messages, Text Messages, Outlook E-Mail and IMAP4. I could use the numbers to select the correct one, but I prefer the central control on the SPV which has up/down/left/right and middle for click/double-click. You can just press in the middle when confronted with the menu to select the Outlook E-Mail option. However, due to a slightly wobbly button, the click often gets taken as down and I end up in IMAP4.

From here, up until this morning, I've been returning back to the menu before attempting to select the right option again. My discovery of the day is that the UI designers cunningly put in the ability to switch from IMAP to Outlook with a simple left click. Another left click to get to text messaging and so on until you cycle through each option.

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