VM and the VM Community: Past, Present, and Future

Just to show that I'm not completely biased towards Microsoft Technology (although I do passionately believe most of it is really great), here's a blog entry which may possible raise some eyebrows. With the huge talk around the future of virtualisation, I was instantly hooked by a reference to the history of VM technology posted on an internal discussion group within Microsoft. Here's a link is to fantastic paper dating back to 1997 titled "VM and the VM Community: Past, Present, and Future". Well the future has to be what happens in the Longhorn timeframe, but for now, if you want to appease your quest for knowledge in this most fascinating technology area, have a read. It's from an IBM slant and I hadn't seen this paper before, but boy was it good reading.

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  1. eL Kabong says:

    The URL isn’t quite correct. Should be:


    Having been a VM Systems jock at Prudential in the 80’s and grown up on REXX, it was sure fun to read. Even Romney White got a few mentions.

  2. <blush>Thanks for the correction – obviously my cutting and pasting isn’t quite up to what it should be</blush>. REXX…. Now there’s something I haven’t thought about in a <i>very</i> long time. I’m probably a relative newbie to that – I joined at a fairly late stage in the PMREXX under OS/2 days. What a memory.

  3. Bob Hyatt says:

    Having worked on SMART for a number of years, it was great to see the product got a mention. All that great early networking with RSCS allows me to say that I have been using electonic mail since 1985 (twenty years ago)

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