Small Business Server (SBS2003) Webcasts and User Group

Small Business Server (SBS2003) is a really great product for (unsurprisingly) small and medium businesses to operate a one-stop server shop comprising most of the major server components from Microsoft. For example, email, firewall, remote access, collaboration and database. The really great thing about SBS is the way in which everything ties together through wizards and simple interfaces without the need to understand in depth what is going on under the covers - a bit like "computing for mere mortals". In the UK, there is a very effective user group run by Scott McKenzie out of Edinburgh which provides real local value - if you thinking about how to run a simple IT solution, I would recommend going along to one of Scotts meetings or dropping him a line.

The reason for this post is to highlight some of the webcasts which are available for SBS which provide excellent information if you are considering evaluating how SBS can assist your organisation. For more detailed information about SBS, take a look at the SBS home page on

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  1. Anne Stanton says:

    Awesome to see SBS Activity hitting the blogosphere! I have also dropped a note to Scott about our leaders group. A group of passionate independent leaders of IT Professional groups all with the keystone product of SBS. Our group is virtual and international and we have lots of bridges to vendors and such. 🙂 If you know of other groups send them our way.

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