Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Release Candidate is now available

Someone made a more appropriate choice of name (thankfully!) given some of the alternatives which have been on the table over the past few months. The next version of SUS (Software Update Services) will be officially called Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), or simply Update Services for short.

Updates services is a free of charge update for licensed users Windows 2000 Server and above, intended for all businesses from small through to enterprise to be able to update Microsoft Software. Here's the link to download the release candidate of WSUS which was made available for public download last night. There is also some great documentation at this link for deployment, operations and a step-by-step guide.

WSUS is a huge step forward over SUS and I cannot recommend enough that you take a look at this technology if you haven't already done so. One cautionary note to though currently on the older WSUS Beta 2 release - you should upgrade to the RC as soon as possible as Beta 2 is no longer receiving any new updates.

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