Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 Technical Overview

I'll be presenting a Technet evening session on 15th Febuary at the Regus, Manchester and also on 17th Febuary in the Spey Room, Microsoft Edinburgh for a technical overview of Microsoft Virtual Server 2005. If you have already registered for either of these events and have any specific questions either before or after, please add a comment to this blog entry. Otherwise, I look forward to meeting you. Both sessions are level 200, so prior experience although useful is not essential.

If you're not yet registered and would like to attend please use the appropriate link above. If you're borderline as to whether to go or not, I could possible persuade you - free pizza is on offer :-). I'm hoping though that the beer in Manchester and Edinburgh isn't quite as fizzy as it was in Reading (you had to be there last week in to understand).

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  1. Ratty says:

    There is a good comparison of Virtual Server Performance in relation to the Physical Hardware at

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