Scriptomatic (revisited)

The Scripting Guys released version 2 of their "Scriptomatic" tool a couple of weeks ago. Don't be put off by the somewhat frivolous name - it has some very true value. One such example I frequently use is for the WQL queries in WMI filters when building Group Policy Objects - this tool saves a lot of effort. The sequel is a completely new. However, this time, it doesn't write just VBScript, it can output in Perl, Python and JScript. Go take a look - you'll be glad you did. It works from Windows 98 right through to Windows 2000 (but you'll need to install WMI 1.5 Core for 98/NT). Oddly though, Windows Server 2003 isn't in the list of supported operating systems for Scriptomatic. I can confirm it works for me under WS2003 so far. Odd!

Here's the download link.

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  1. ZIP says:

    Make you right overall on Scriptomatic, but with caveat(s). The Guys’ scripts don’t have enough smart to clock the *potential* depth of som WMI enumerations.

    In a DOS box, I’ve endured enums taking an eon, ramping the CPU to 100%, really claustrophobic stuff. (XPPro SP2).



  2. John Howard [MSFT] says:

    Zip/Zippy (does this come from Rainbow, the kids program from the ’80s by any chance…?) – WMI interrogation can be a little processor intensive, which is why MS best practice from a GP perspective is that the application of WMI filters to GPOs is recommended as a short-term rather than enduring measure. I’ve not seen queries take the length of time you are implying. Can you give me some example scripts to investigate further, some indication of how long these scripts are taking to run, on what sort of hardware spec, and if applicable, what server resources they are accessing (if applicable)? Would be much appreciated.



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