Group Policy – Tips Tricks and Best Practices

Following my session in Birmingham on 13th January, here's a list of the references I referred to. Apologies to all for the delay in posting this. Firstly, Jeremy Moskowitz's excellent book "Group Policy, Profiles, and Intellimirror for Windows 2003, 2000 and Windows XP" can be found on Amazon.

1 Redirecting the Users and Computers Containers in Windows Server 2003 (KB324949)
2 Group Policy Common Scenarios Using GPMC
3 Scriptomatic Tool
4 Staging Group Policy Deployments (Chapter 3, Windows Server 2003 Deployment Kit -  Designing a Managed Environment Book) (URL Fixed 25/1/2005)
5 Monitoring and Troubleshooting the File Replication Support Webcast:  DNS In the Active Directory Part 2: Best Practices, Common Problems and Troubleshooting
6 File Replication Service (FRS) – includes Sonar and Ultrasound
7 Group Policy Settings Reference Spreadsheet (with history)
8 Cross Forest Logon, Loopback and User Policy Logon (KB 823862)
9 Recommendations for Managing Group Policy Administrative Template Files (KB 816662)
10 Client, Service and Program Incompatibilities That May Occur When Modifying Security Settings and User Rights Assignments (KB 823659)
11 Threats and Countermeasures:  Security Policy Settings in WS 2003 and XP
12 Adding Domain Groups to Local Machine Groups on Member Computers (KB 810076)
13 Troubleshooting Group Policy with Windows Server 2003

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    John Howard collected some links about Group Policy. The 4th link is not correct though. Go here instead: Staging Group Policy Deployments (Chapter 3, Windows Server 2003 Deployment Kit – Designing a Managed Environment Book)…

  2. John Howard [MSFT] says:

    Hi Michael – thanks for picking that up. Have now updated the link.

  3. Mike Perkins says:


    I attended your speak at the Motorcycle Museum and you mentioned there was a utility abailable to dowbload all GP settings.

    Please can you refresh my memory

    Thanks !

  4. John Howard [MSFT] says:

    Hi Mike – are you referring to the spreadsheet with the policy settings? If so, its link number 7 in the list above.

    Hope this helps


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