Accidents with Internet Explorer

The simplest things can be the best! Many of you already know that you can enter “go dilbert” in the address bar in IE to search for information about Dilbert. By total accident, I came across a great tweak to Internet Explorer at which has registry extensions to allow you to search for even…


MSN Search (UK) Beta Launch

The beta of MSN (UK) Search went live today. This is a huge investment on the part of Microsoft, and worth a look. I’ve been trying it out this evening and have found it great. Click here to try


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MSH – Monad. The next Windows Command Shell

There’s some great information up on Channel 9 about MSH (codename Monad). If you’re a command line or scripting person, the information here on the MSDN Channel 9 site is for you. Sounds very interesting and definitely something worth taking a good look at. Thanks to Thomas Lee for giving me the heads up on this.


Kerberos, the Play. Scenes I through IV

Stories are a great way of conveying a message. This blog entry is about a great story I found a few days ago. I was actually researching UK-based community sites for Active Directory and Scripting, so I’m not sure how I ended up where I did. Still, it diverted my attention for quite some time…

How to run Virtual Server under XP (or what to do when the admin site doesn’t work)

So there I was, a month after joining Microsoft with a new monster laptop freshly delivered. This really is a monster – hyper-threading mobile P4, 2GB ram, built in gale-force wind generating fan. It also doubles as a portable heater now the colder time of year approaches.   The first decision was what to install…