New windows not opening in IE? Use the Knowledge Base – it knows a lot of stuff!

Internet Explorer on my test Windows Server 2003 box has been playing up for a couple of days – every time I clicked a link which opened a new window, I got a blank window with nothing in the address bar. Annoying, but sometimes you don’t have time to sort it out, so you end…

Display build number and OS version on desktop

Something which you often see Microsoft people do in their demonstrations is have the Operating System description and build number displayed on their desktop. While sysinternals do a fabulous job with their Background Info (bginfo) tool (in fact I use this myself), there is a built in facility right out the box in Windows. In…


Slipstreamed Windows Server 2003 SP1 RC1 Screen Shots

I’ve posted a few screen shots of Windows Server 2003 SP1 Release Candidate 1 to give you a flavour…. To do this, I first built a slip-stream ISO of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise and installed it under Virtual PC. There’s lots of information out on the Internet on how to make slip-stream CDs, but in…


Windows Server 2003 SP1 RC1 (Release Candidate 1) is now available for download.

Apart from a plethora of security enhancements, there are some pretty compelling reasons to take an early look at SP1. Apart from the built in firewall which is akin to the XP SP2 firewall, but better, the two features I particularly like are the Post-Setup Security Updates (PSSU) and the Security Configuration Wizard (SCW). PSSU…


VSMT (Virtual Server 2005 Migration Toolkit) demo – see it live in Edinburgh

VSMT is a piece of cake! VSMT stands for “Virtual Server (2005) Migration Tookit” and is the P2V (Physical to Virtual) toolset for Virtual Server 2005. VSMT allows you to migrate a physical server running NT4 SP6A, Windows 2000 SP4 or later, or Windows 2003 Standard/Enterprise edition to a virtual machine running under Virtual Server…


Windows Messenger 5.1 available for download

Windows Messenger 5.1 (English) is now available for download. I’ve been running the 5.1 beta for a while now internally at Microsoft. For me, it’s great in that I can sign in to both a corporate service and a .NET service at the same time from the Internet without having VPNs and the like set…


Windows XP and Office XP in Welsh

Did you know you can now use Windows XP and Office XP in Welsh with the free interface pack downloads. Anything I read in Welsh may as well be double-dutch, but for the welsh speaking among us, this will be invaluable.


Winter Fun Pack 2004 for Windows XP – free download

The Winter Fun Pack 2004 for Windows XP was recently published on The download includes: Stunning Holiday visualizations, skins and PowerToys for Windows Media Player 10. Winter Fun Wallpaper Changer and Holiday Elf Dancer. Holiday music autoplaylists for Windows Media Player 10. A new PowerToy for Media Center 2005. And more! Have fun.


NT4 Server and Windows Server 2003 Interoperability – Technet Evening Session

I’m co-presenting a free Technet evening event with Dave Sayers tomorrow night (Tue 23rd Nov) at the Microsoft office in Reading, UK discussing “NT4 and Windows Server 2003 interoperability”. The session starts at 18:30 with registration opening at 18:00. Click here for the registration site. Remember, it’s FREE If you are planning on attending, please…

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) – Presentation & White Paper

I’m blogging while sitting listening to John Craddock and Sally Storey presenting one of the all-day pre-conference seminars “Stretching Directory Boundaries Cross Platform Identity Management, Authentication and Security”  at the Microsoft IT Forum in Copenhagen. On screen as I write is a fantastic demonstration of ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) which is due to be…