Windows Messenger 5.1 available for download

Windows Messenger 5.1 (English) is now available for download.

I've been running the 5.1 beta for a while now internally at Microsoft. For me, it's great in that I can sign in to both a corporate service and a .NET service at the same time from the Internet without having VPNs and the like set up. I can't confess to being an expert of any sort in Live Communications Server (LCS), but if you run an LCS service in your work environment, this type of connectivity is now a reality.

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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    Uhg, still needs work, Internal service works fine, external never has worked. Will never figure that out AOL Instant Messenger works, Yahoo Messenger works, ICQ Works. MSN never worked.

    Won’t go through the proxy, when I say copy proxy settings from IE, errors user name and password on proxy are wrong. Well I do not set up a User name and password there. IE passthrough of my NT account wirks just fine.

    AIM and the others I set them up to use an https proxy which is what I use, there is no option for that on MSN, maybe next version

  2. Nektar says:

    I downloaded Windows Messenger 5.1 but I am disappointed with it. It is identical to 5.0 and this means that a whole year plus has passed and Microsoft has still not made any of the improvements that we were asking for.

    Firstly, in sharp contrast to MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger does not include any of the intelligence for dealing with non universal plug and play network address translation and firewall devices, non-UPnP NAT / firewall devices. This means that corporate and other users alike who are behind such a NAT or such a firewall are unable to use many of Windows Messenger’s features such as file transfers, video, audio conversations, application sharing, meaning almost all its features properly. You cannot imagine how frastrating this problem is for us poor users. These network issues are one of the major factors why we have not yet deployed Windows Messenger to our users. How can we if there will be so many problems which make our users hate the product? We are forced to use other software for audio / video conversations.

    MSN Messenger on the other hand can, although not perfectly yet, deal with non-UPnP firewalls and NAT devices. Why not Windows Messenger? What is so difficult to code that into Windows Messenger? as well? This is not a consumer feature.

    Secondly, although MSN Messenger 7 beta does support the setting of the status before signing in, the new Windows Messenger 5.1 does not. This is a feature that we have been asking for a long time and might take only a dozen lines of code to implement. It is a very useful feature since some people might want to sign in and appear offline or always be busy. They do not wish to have to sign in and each time change the status manually. This is not only a consumer feature and it is found in the new MSN Messenger. Why not in Windows Messenger?

    Microsoft I believe creates a lot of confusion by developping two Messenger products, which do not even implement features in the same way.

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