VSMT (Virtual Server 2005 Migration Toolkit) demo – see it live in Edinburgh

VSMT is a piece of cake! VSMT stands for "Virtual Server (2005) Migration Tookit" and is the P2V (Physical to Virtual) toolset for Virtual Server 2005. VSMT allows you to migrate a physical server running NT4 SP6A, Windows 2000 SP4 or later, or Windows 2003 Standard/Enterprise edition to a virtual machine running under Virtual Server 2005. The hard part is preparing a demonstration on a single laptop to show the steps involved.

I'm going to be presenting a Technet Evening on December 15th in Edinburgh for a technical overview of Virtual Server 2005. While at the IT Forum in Copenhagen last month, I saw Allen Stewart do a live demo moving an NT4 server onto Virtual Server using VSMT and bits of ADS (Automated Deployment Services). Cool, and it worked (not that I doubted it for a minute). While VSMT wasn't planned to be in there next week for my event, it will be now. For simplicity (and the fact that I can't reasonably take two machines up to Edinburgh), I'm going to migrate an NT4 Server running under Virtual PC to Virtual Server, all on a single laptop. If you want to see what this technology is all about, register here. By the way, Technet evening events are free!

ADS is a free addition to Windows Server 2003 and can be downloaded here.
VSMT whitepapers, FAQ and other information and be found here.

Update 7th December: Just had word that this is now postponed until February next year. All is not lost though, I'll be presenting a session on this in Birmingham on January 13th at a UK IT Forum highlights event - stay tuned for a future blog entry...


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    We are preparing a test environment

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