SharePoint 2013 Snippet: SharePoint Designer Workflows

Happy New Year! Picking up where I left off last year, I’m going to talk about another change in SharePoint 2013 that I think is worth shouting about. This is one of those areas where I got disproportionally excited about a new feature: you can do a loop in a SharePoint Designer workflow. SharePoint Designer…


Edinburgh SharePoint User Group

I will be presenting at the Edinburgh SharePoint User Group next month at the Microsoft offices at Waverley Gate, Edinburgh. I’ll be diving into the workflow capabilities of SharePoint 2010 including the forms integration and the visual design capabilities with Visio 2010. Spencer Habour will be discussing scaling SharePoint 2010 Topologies. Learn about the new…


Workflow initiation forms

With the 2010 version, a lot of work has been done to tighten up the integration between SharePoint and InfoPath. One example of this is workflow initiation forms. One of the things you can now do with SharePoint 2010 is create reusable SharePoint Designer workflows that aren’t attached to a specific document library or list….


Creating Workflows in Visio 2010 and SharePoint Designer

One of the improvements in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 is the ability to interact with Visio. As well as the new Visio Services allowing you to render Visio diagrams in the browser, you can create a workflow diagram in Visio that can be used in combination with SharePoint Designer to create a working workflow in…


New year, new SharePoint

Welcome to 2010. As someone who grew up reading sci-fi books this is a year that should include colonies on Mars, regular trips to the moon and flying cars. Well, it doesn’t look that any of those will be coming out of Microsoft Research this year, but we will be getting SharePoint Server 2010. I’ve…


Reusable no-code workflows

There are several short-comings with designing workflows in the current version of SharePoint Designer (but there’s always Visual Studio and some excellent third-party tools to combat those short-comings). One of the problems with SharePoint Designer workflows for MOSS 2007 is that you can’t reuse them. If I were to design a workflow on a document…


Out of the box workflow customisation

MOSS 2007 came with a few out of the box workflows to do tasks which are common in a huge range of organisations. One of these was the approval workflow, provided out of the box because the majority of companies have an approval procedure of some form. This is a very easy to use workflow…


Scenario: Stock Ordering

Another simple scenario where SharePoint and InfoPath can work together to make life easier. A SharePoint dashboard which monitors stock levels is linked to an InfoPath form for ordering new stock, which kicks of a workflow to get the prodcuts delivered.


Scenario: Budget Request

Another scenario where InfoPath and SharePoint can aid business processes. In this demo, an employee fills out a budget request form, which is ammended by a manager and the results tracked using key performance indicators.


Scenario: Holiday Requests

This is a short demo showing a potential scenario for InfoPath and SharePoint workflows improving common processes. In this demo, an employee requests holiday, their manager reviews and approves the request, and then the holiday is added to a SharePoint team calendar.