SharePoint Case Study

Salmon, a UK SharePoint Gold Partner have produced a case study of the solution they built for Endsleigh Insurance. This is a powerful web portal delivering a customised view to their customers and allowing Endsleigh to work with partner organisations. This solution has helped Endsleigh deliver a tailored experience to their customers while meeting regulations….


Sandbox Code and InfoPath

InfoPath allows you to create forms with very sophisticated logic. Some of this can be done using the out of the box features and formulae but there is always the option to write custom code. I would not recommend using InfoPath if vast amounts of custom code are required (if you’re going to write lots…


InfoPath and Excel Services

Given that I spent a ridiculously long time trying to get an InfoPath form to interact with a spreadsheet published through Excel Services, I thought this was a suitable subject for a blog post. If I stop someone else feeling like they want to beat themselves to death with their own keyboard, I will consider…


Out of the box workflow customisation

MOSS 2007 came with a few out of the box workflows to do tasks which are common in a huge range of organisations. One of these was the approval workflow, provided out of the box because the majority of companies have an approval procedure of some form. This is a very easy to use workflow…


Get Going Now

With the SharePoint Conference this week, Microsoft has begun lifting the shroud of secrecy around the next version of SharePoint, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, due out in the first half of next year. In light of this release of information, I’m expecting to get asked more and more, “Why should we buy SharePoint now? Shouldn’t…


The Housing Analogy

I’d like to share an analogy for SharePoint. Just imagine you’ve bought a new house. That house is SharePoint. The chances are, you will have had some help in the process from the likes of solicitors, estate agents, removals companies and so on. Those guys are the SharePoint partners. Their job is to help you…


SharePoint on the Web

SharePoint is generally known as intranet software, a tool for enabling workplace collaboration or a method for producing company portals. It can also be used to produce internet-facing sites. This might seem a little puzzling to people who hear SharePoint and think of project sites and team collaboration. That seems a long way from the…


Scenario: Stock Ordering

Another simple scenario where SharePoint and InfoPath can work together to make life easier. A SharePoint dashboard which monitors stock levels is linked to an InfoPath form for ordering new stock, which kicks of a workflow to get the prodcuts delivered.


Live Partner Training

We’re putting on some readiness training in the upcoming months. These events are free and open to all Microsoft partners. Processes and Forms in SharePoint – Reading 22nd September A look at InfoPath Forms Services and workflows within SharePoint deployments. An introduction to the capabilities of SharePoint as a forms and business process solution and…


Partner Training

The SharePoint partner team in the UK have been planning training and readiness for the next year and we’ve got a series of web seminars lined up. These seminars are sales training focussed around different aspects of SharePoint and how to sell WSS or MOSS as a solution to a particular type of business problem….