International SharePoint Conference, London

I’m going to be speaking at the International SharePoint Conference in London on 23rd to 25th April. My subject is: No Budget, No Time, No Permissions. It’s a case study of building a SharePoint site with no allocated resources. Come along to find out more… Registration for the conference is open now.


Advanced Copy

Yesterday, I received my advanced copy of the new edition of Designing Electronic Forms for SharePoint and InfoPath. This is a 1000 page book which does exactly what the title suggests. It’s a guide on how to use InfoPath to design electronic forms, both for SharePoint and the InfoPath client. The first part of the…


Custom Document Information Panel

This demo shows how to create and edit a custom Document Information Panel for SharePoint documents using InfoPath 2010. It also shows how to filter drop down lists so that a second list displays different values based on those selected in the first. [View:]


BI Webinars

Is one of your New Years’ Resolutions to do more technical training? If so, you’re in luck. There are a couple of up-coming webinars on Business Intelligence being put on by the Technical Advisory Services. Microsoft Gold Partners are entitled to a number of hours of service from this team and these webinars can count…


SharePoint is officially sociable

It turns out that SharePoint is very sociable, at least according to Gartner. They recently published their Magic Quadrant on social software and SharePoint is up there as market leader in this space. Microsoft is ranked #1 on Ability to Execute and overtook several competitors (including IBM) to become #2 on Completeness of Vision. Don’t…


Office Mini 2: Save to SharePoint

This video continues my series of mini demos showing features of Office 2010 that you might not know about. In this video, I show how to save an Office document to SharePoint without leaving the client. If there’s a feature you’d like to see demonstrated as part of this series, let me know.


Office Mini: SharePoint Keywords

This is the first in a set of mini demos showing some of the simple yet powerful things you can do with Microsoft Office 2010. This video shows how to add SharePoint keywords from within an Office document.


Are you a SharePoint developer?

The Software Development Kit for SharePoint has been updated. The SDK is a fantastic tool to make it easier for developers to build on top of SharePoint Foundation and Server 2010. This updated SDK includes new code samples, updated documentation and IntelliSense XML files. You can get hold of the SDK from the Microsoft Download…


Fancy a SharePoint Cruise?

I was somewhat surprised when I saw that there were people considering putting on a SharePoint Cruise. It’s an interesting idea. You get a pleasant cruise to enjoy and you get some valuable training on SharePoint. The fact that I get seasick means I’ll be shying away from this one, but I still think it’s…


SharePoint 2010 Training Courses

There are some training courses for SharePoint 2010 available at a subsidised rate. These are designed to teach you what you need around key aspects of SharePoint as well as helping you pass the exams. These courses are immensely valuable for anyone wanting to get a competency around SharePoint. SharePoint 2010 Developer Exam-Cram Bootcamp –…