Custom Document Information Panel

This demo shows how to create and edit a custom Document Information Panel for SharePoint documents using InfoPath 2010. It also shows how to filter drop down lists so that a second list displays different values based on those selected in the first. [View:]


Connecting two Visio web parts

I’m taking a break from talking about forms and workflow to share a simple idea which I think is quite useful around Visio diagrams in SharePoint 2010. One of the new features in SharePoint 2010 is Visio services, which enables you to display Visio diagrams in the browser. Below is a screenshot of a simple…


InfoPath and Excel Services

Given that I spent a ridiculously long time trying to get an InfoPath form to interact with a spreadsheet published through Excel Services, I thought this was a suitable subject for a blog post. If I stop someone else feeling like they want to beat themselves to death with their own keyboard, I will consider…


How to: Create a read-only view

I’m continuing my series of how to videos by showing how to create a read-only view. There are several reasons why you might wish to do this, the most common being that you want to have forms that cannot be altered after a process has been completed. This principle can be expanded to create multiple…


Generating a unique form number

I’ve had someone ask me about automatically giving InfoPath forms a unique number. The scenario in question was one where the forms were being saved to a SharePoint document library with a unique number attached. Documents in a SharePoint library do get given an ID, which is unique within document library. This can be used…


How to: Connect to a database

Continuing my series of how to demos. I had a request to do a video showing how to show red, yellow, green indicators based on values from a database. Yesterday, I posted a demo showing how to set up indicators. Today, you get to see how to connect to a database. The procedure is the…


How to: Show indicators based on values

This video is a response to a request. The request was to show how to show indicators based on values taken from SQL. In this video, I showed how to set conditional formatting to show indicators based on the value in a field. In this example, the value was entered manually, but exactly the same…


How to: Display a form in SharePoint

Continuing my “how to” series with this requested demo. In this video, I show how to embed an InfoPath form as a web part in a SharePoint page.  If you have a request for a feature you’d like to see demonstrated, please leave a comment.


How to: Hide a Section

Continuing my series of “how to” videos, I show how to use conditional formatting to hide or show a section based on the values entered elsewhere in a form. Conditional formatting can be incredibly valuable when you’re creating a long, complex form where people might need to fill out different parts depending on the circumstances. By…


How to: Auto Populate

A couple of different people have asked me how to auto-populate the values in fields based on the username and values in external data sources. Those questions were the inspiration for this series of videos. I will show how to do simple but useful things in InfoPath. If there’s something you’d like to be shown…