Geeks in Delft: Day 6

The Escher museum   Exploring the Hague   Toasting stuff over the fire. Unfortunately, we’ve got to come home tomorrow.


Geeks in Delft: Days 4 & 5

Playing board games until 2am.   Exploring Delft by canoe.   Translating the menu.     Exploring by foot.     On the train to Amsterdam for Queensday.      Funfair in front of the palace.      Starting to get busy.      Concert in the heart of Amersterdam.      But still geeks need…


Geeks in Delft: Day 3

Hacking is tiring work.   Coding with chords.   Hacking the bike.   Playing with rafts again.   It was bound to happen sooner or later.     The bike hack in action.   Prizes for the hacks – including wedding China


Geeks in Delft: Day 2

Playing on the assault course.   Spotting a suspiciously familiar building at the university (it looks very much like the Central Hall where I went to uni – just stretched)     The view from the tallest building in Delft.   Geeks in their natural state.   Rafting on the pond. No one’s fallen in…


Geeks in Delft: Day 1

  Checking in at every station between St Pancras and Delft   The girls’ room. The smallest of the rooms and we still have two beds each.   We discovered why this was a geek camp and not a jock camp. Apart from Mel, who scored five times.   Getting the internet set up -…