Multi-stage disposition in SharePoint 2010

This video shows one of the new content management features in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010: multi-stage content management policies.


Tagging and Folksonomy

With MOSS 2007, you can use metadata and official taxonomy to organise your documents. In Microsoft SharePoint Sever 2010, you still have all those capabilities, but you also get the ability to be less formal and have users define their own tags for SharePoint content. Users can quite simply type in new tags for documents…


Multi-stage disposition

I’m continuing my series of posts highlighting some of the new features in SharePoint 2010 by talking about one of the new document management features.   In Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, it’s a lot easier to have document management policies that are broken into stages. In MOSS 2007, if you wanted to have a policy…


Document Sets

I’m continuing my series of posts highlighting some of the (many) new features which are going to be coming in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.   The content management capabilities of SharePoint have been extended, allowing you to group documents together as a document set. In MOSS 2007, there are quite a lot of useful document management features around…


SharePoint for Document Management

Continuing my series of videos showing the capabilities of SharePoint as a solution for various business problems. This video shows some of the features relating to document management.