New SQL Server 2012 Demo now includes a demo machine for SQL Server 2012. This includes the Telco demo that was present in the BI X demo machine as well as new demos on SQL Server 2012 functionality. There’s a set of demos on PowerPivot, including the auto sales demo which has been shown at various events and one…


BI Bites 10: PerformancePoint Services Scorecards

This video is part of a series of bite-sized Business Intelligence demos. This video builds on the previous two to show how to put together a scorecard in Dashboard Designer for PerformancePoint Services in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. [View:] This video is available for download in my SkyDrive.


BI Bites 7: PerformancePoint Services Data Connections

This video continues my series of bite-sized BI demos. In this demo, I show how to use PerformancePoint Services’ Dashboard Designer to create a data connection to a SQL Server Analysis Services data cube. [View:]


2010 Products Demo Machine

Microsoft have released an RTM version of the SharePoint 2010 demo machines, available to partners and customers. This is a pair of virtual machines which come with a range of technologies from SharePoint and the Office Suite as well as supporting technologies such as Visual Studio 2010 and Office Communication Server 2007 R2. It’s preconfigured…


Multi-stage disposition in SharePoint 2010

This video shows one of the new content management features in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010: multi-stage content management policies.


InfoPath 2010 Introduction Part 2: Rules Management

Second in my series of demos introducing InfoPath 2010 and some of the new features. This demo shows some of the different ways you can add and manage rules to a form template. It shows quick rules, the rules management pane and copying rules, as well as some of the different formating and action rules.


Scenario: Holiday Requests

This is a short demo showing a potential scenario for InfoPath and SharePoint workflows improving common processes. In this demo, an employee requests holiday, their manager reviews and approves the request, and then the holiday is added to a SharePoint team calendar.


How to: Connect to a database

Continuing my series of how to demos. I had a request to do a video showing how to show red, yellow, green indicators based on values from a database. Yesterday, I posted a demo showing how to set up indicators. Today, you get to see how to connect to a database. The procedure is the…